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Sending Enquiries to Seller for an item via Taobao Chat

This guide will show you how to ask the seller regarding questions you have about an item the seller has for sale. Taobao and Tmall has a live chat system called 阿里旺旺 which allows buyers to contact sellers regarding any questions they may have about their items on sale, or to ask for refunds and solve problems regarding item status.

Navigate to the item you want to enquire about, and tap on the Contact Seller button as shown in the picture below.

Contact Seller Button for Enquiry

When you contact the seller from an item's page, a link to the item is automatically created. Tab on the Send Item link to the seller to let the seller know about the item you want to enquire about. Sample chat lines for general enquiries can be found here.

Contact Seller for item Enquiry

You can type in or paste in copied text to send to the seller here.

Type text to Taobao Tmall seller

You can also upload pictures to the seller by tapping on the plus icon. A panel with more options will pop up.

Select panel with more options

Tap on the icon marked 'a' in the picture below to use your device camera to take a picture to send to the seller, and tap on the icon marked 'b' in the picture below to open your photo gallery and upload a picture to send to the seller.

Take or Upload photo from gallery to seller