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Setting up your Taobao account

This guide will walk you through on setting up a Taobao account using your smartphone. All you need is a smartphone running iOS or Android, and an internet connection. Hop right in!

Step 1: Download the Taobao app from the app store or Google Play store

You need to download the correct app, and choose the app which looks similar to this. It is usually the first search result. If it is not, make sure to download the app with the title similar to this. This is to ensure you get the best version of the App.

Download Taobao App from Google Play or App Store

Step 2: Open the Taobao App

Tap on the app to open it when it has finished downloading. You would be greeted with a screen similar to this. It would look imtimidating for a first time user, but worry not! It would only take a few clicks to set up your Taobao account.

Open Taobao App

On the main page, clicking on either of these buttons will take you to the register page.

Register for Taobao Account button

Upon opening the app, Taobao should be able to detect your location. If not, clicking on this button will take you to a popup that allows you to set your country.

Set Taobao country button

Choose your country on this popup window.

Set your Country in Taobao

Step 3: Registering your Taobao account.

This screen will then appear for you to register your new Taobao account. Enter your phone number in the space, as indicated below. Make sure your number extension is correct.

Register your mobile number in Taobao

After you entered your phone number, this button will become clickable. Click on it to get an SMS validation code which validates your mobile phone number.

Register mobile phone number with SMS validation code from Taobao

You would get an SMS which looks similar to this. Remember the last 4 digits of the message, as circled, and return to the Taobao app.

Taobao SMS validation code Example

Enter the four digits obtained from the SMS you received into the space as indicated below.

Enter Taobao SMS validation code for mobile phone number verification

Click on this 'Register' button after you filled in both your mobile phone number and the SMS validation code. If registration is successful, you will be taken back to the main page of the Taobao App.

Registering your Taobao Account

Step 4: Adding your address to receive items you purchased from Taobao.

Back on the main page, tap on this icon to bring you to your account information page.

Go to Taobao Account information

On your account information screen, tap on the Settings button, as shown below in the picture.

Tap on Settings Button

Click on this tab, as shown below, to change your address for Taobao to ship to.

Change your shipping address in Taobao

A popup would appear, asking if you would like to add a new shipping address. Select Add, as shown in the picture below.

Add new shipping address in Taobao

Enter your name, contact number, full address as shown in the picture below. Tap on the tab to choose your country, as shown.

Enter your shipping details in Taobao

When choosing your country, scroll all the way down to the bottom to find your shipping address country. If you are still unable to find your country, tap on the 'Other Overseas Countries' tab, as shown below.

Choose your country in shipping address Taobao

When you tap on the 'Other Overseas Countries' tab, a new tab will appear. Choose your country from this new list.

Choose shipping address country in other overseas countries tab

Congratulations! You have successfully set up your Taobao account!