Translates your English to Chinese for Taobao

Chinese words and phrases to communicate with Taobao and Tmall sellers


English Chinese Copy
Hi / Hello 你好
Thank you 谢谢
Sorry 不好意思

General Enquiry

English Chinese Copy
What is the size of the item? 请问宝贝有多大?
What is the weight of the item? 请问宝贝有多重?
Can I see actual pictures of the item? 有实拍吗?

Item / Order Status

English Chinese Copy
When would you send out my item? 请问几时发货?


English Chinese Copy
My order number is 我的订单号是
I want a refund. 我要退款
I want to return the item and refund. 我要退货退款
What is the address to return the item to? 退货地址是什么?
The shipping warehouse rejected the item. 集运仓库拒签了
I bought the wrong item. 我拍错了
Item is damaged when I receive it. 收到宝贝时坏了
I don't want the item anymore. 我不想要了

Instructions to seller

English Chinese Copy
Please pack my items more securely. 请包装结实一点

Seller Responses and Meaning

Responses in Chinese English Additional Explanation
Dear A term Taobao and Tmall sellers use when referring to their customers
请稍等 Please wait for a moment. Usually used when they are checking up something for the customer, eg. Order status
不客气 You're welcome. -
没货了 We're out of stock for this item. -