Translates your English to Chinese for Taobao

Searching for an item on Taobao

This guide will show you how to use Taobao Translate to easily find the translated chinese text to find the items you want on Taobao.

Step 1: Type in the Search Bar of TaobaoTranslate for an item you want to translate to chinese.

Search for the item you want by typing it in the search bar here, as shown below.

Search for translated item name with TaobaoTranslate

For example, we searched for 'polo'. We selected 'polo shirt for women' from the results, and clicked on it. TaobaoTranslate then brought us to a page where we can copy the chinese word by clicking here.

Search for item on TaobaoTranslate Example

Step 2: Open the Taobao App.

With the text copied, open the Taobao app. Paste the text into the search bar of the app. Tap on the Go/Enter/Search button on your mobile phone to start searching for the item.

Search on Taobao App with translated chinese words

A selection of items which have what you searched for from Taobao sellers will appear. Scroll through and find your favorite, and tap on it to get more details.

Taobao Search results for item