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Guide on Finding Similar items in your Shopping cart on Taobao

Need more choices for an item in your shopping cart? You can easily find similar or the same items at different prices from different sellers on Taobao. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to find similar items in your shopping cart in Taobao.

Step 1: Open the Taobao app, and select the shopping cart icon, as shown below.

Taobao Shopping Cart

Step 2: Find the item in your shopping cart you want to find similar items for, and swipe left.

Taobao Shopping Cart similar items

Step 3: The following 3 buttons will appear. The buttons from the left are 'Find similar items' (Yellow), 'Move to collection' (Orange), and 'Delete item from Shopping Cart' (Red). Tap on the 'Find similar items' button.

Taobao Shopping Cart similar items

Taobao will find similar items to the one you chosen. An example of items that Taobao find would be like the picture shown below

Taobao find similar items