Translates your English to Chinese for Taobao

Chinese Words and Phrases to rate Taobao and Tmall sellers and items

Few free to mix and match suitable phrases to comment on your item and Taobao/Tmall seller!

Positive Comments

English Chinese Copy
Item is good 宝贝很好
Item is good to use 宝贝很好用
Item can be used reliably 宝贝很实用
Item was cheap and useful 宝贝实惠
Item's quality is good 宝贝质量很好
Seller dispatched item quickly 卖家发货很快
Seller was helping in answering enquiries 卖家服务态度好
Seller complied with my instructions well 卖家有看备注
The item was packaged well 宝贝包装严实
I am a repeat customer 我是回头客
I give a positive rating 好评
5 stars positive review 五星好评!
I am very satisfied with the item 我对宝贝很满意
Recommended to buy 建议购买
Will buy again 还会再来
Every item was accounted for 宝贝没漏发

Neutral Comments

English Chinese Copy
Item is average 宝贝一般
Item is not so good to use 宝贝b不是很好用
Item reliability is average 宝贝不咋滴
Item's quality is average 宝贝质量一般
I give a neutral rating 中评
I am not very satisfied with the item 我对宝贝不是很满意

Negative Comments

English Chinese Copy
Item is not good 宝贝不好
Item is not good to use 宝贝不好用
Item cannot be used reliably 宝贝不实用
Item's quality is bad 宝贝质量差
Seller dispatched item slowly 卖家发货很慢
Seller was not responsive in answering enquiries 卖家爱理不理
Seller did not comply with my instructions 卖家胡乱发货
Seller could not be contacted 卖家联系不上
The item was packaged badly resulting in item damage 宝贝包装不好,导致破损
I give a negative rating 差评
I am not at all satisfied with the item 我对宝贝不很满意
Not recommended to buy 不建议购买
Will not buy again 不会再来
Seller dispatched less items than what I ordered 宝贝有漏发
Item was spoilt when I received it 收到宝贝时已经坏了
Item was damaged when I received it 宝贝有破损