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Buying items from Taobao

There are 2 ways which you can get to the checkout page to buy items on Taobao.

Method 1

You can directly buy an item by clicking on this Buy now button on the item's page.

Buy item from item details page Taobao

If the item has any options that you can choose from, there will be a popup for you to choose the size, color, type etc. When you click on the Confirm button, as shown in the picture below, you will directly be taken to the checkout page.

Buy item directly from item's page Taobao

Method 2

Go to your shopping cart, and you will find your item you added to cart earlier there. You can access your cart by clicking here, as shown in the picture below.

Go to Shopping Cart Taobao

You will find the item you added in your shopping cart, waiting for you. Tap on the circle, as shown below, to select the item(s) you want to buy. You can select up to 50 items in this way to check out at once.

Select items in Shopping Cart Taobao

Once you have selected your item(s), click on this button as shown below, to go to the checkout page. You can only buy up to 50 items at a time.

Checkout items from Shopping Cart Taobao

Checkout Page - Choosing Shipper

There are 3 ways which you can ship your items to your address from Taobao. The table below is a summary of types of shippers on Taobao.

Shipping Options Recommended? Reasons
Taobao's own shipping Not Recommended Fees they charge might be exorbitant, and this is definitely not the most economic method to ship your itemsm especially if you are buying items from multiple shops. When you choose this option, Taobao ships the item directly to you after they receive the item at their shipping warehouse from the sellers, which means that Taobao charges you per item shipped, and the cost of shipping of each item depends on the item's weight as well.
Mass items shipping Recommended Consolidate your items at a mass shipper's warehouse, where you can choose which items to ship when they arrive at the warehouse. This option allows you to ship several items at once, and you will be charged based on how heavy your items are. There is a size limit of 1m by 1m by 1m for air shipping, and a maximum of 30kg. You can store items at the warehouse for a maximum of 20 days, after that, you will be charged for every day your item continues to be stored at the warehouse. Shippers usually deliver to your doorstep, or at a collection point specified by you.
Sea shipping is for massive items such as furniture, and items that cannot be shipped by air, such as power banks, magnets etc. You can store big items at sea shipping warehouses for a maximum of 10 days.
Taobao seller shipping directly to you Not Recommended Shipping costs will be very high, and most Taobao sellers do not ship to overseas customers directly on their own, to avoid the hassle of dealing with overseas couriers.

You can choose your shipper here in the checkout page. Taobao's own shipping is chosen by default. It is not recommended to leave it to Taobao to ship the item to you. Tap on the tab to change your shipper, as shown below. Based on the address you added earlier, a list of shippers to your location will be presented to you.

Choose Shipping Option Taobao

Choose the consolidate and mass shipping option as shown below.

Choose Consolidate and Mass Shipping Taobao

You can choose your mass shipper by clicking here. The choice of different mass shippers that ship to your address might be different, depending on the country you put in your address to ship to.

Choosing Mass Shipper Taobao

You can scroll to find a shipper you want, and tapping on the circle, as shown in the picture below, to choose the shipper. Different shippers have different prices.

Change Shipper Taobao

Once you have selected a shipper, click Agree and Confirm, as shown here. The agreement is for non-shipping of goods that are prohibited or banned by law.

Select and Confirm Shipper Taobao

To select sea shipping, look out for shipper options that have this sign next to them.

Select Sea Shipping Taobao

After selecting your mass shipper, you will be taken back to the confirmation of buying the item page. You can enter any instruction for the seller here. For sample instructions to enter for the seller, click here.

Leave instructions for seller

Click on the Checkout button, as shown below, to buy the item.

Confirm Buy item Taobao

Click on the button Pay now, as shown below, to pay for your item with Alipay.

Pay with Alipay on Taobao

Enter your card expiry date, and the CVV, which are the 3 digits at the back of your card. For your subsequent purchases, you would only need to enter the CVV of your card.

Enter card CVV Alipay