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Chinese description words for better Taobao Search

The following descriptive words can help you find more specific types of clothes. Use these words together with the type of clothes you want to find in Taobao search.

Clothing Season Description

English Chinese Description Copy
Spring/Autumn style 春秋 Clothing for both spring and autumn season of the year, to find not too thick or thin material for clothes, due to slightly windy weather
Summer style 夏季 Clothing for both summer season of the year, to find clothes with thin and breathable material, due to hot weather
Winter style 冬季 Clothing for winter season of the year, to find clothes with thick materials that insulate body heat, due to cold or rainy weather

Clothing Description for Country Styles

English Chinese Copy
Korean Style 韩版
Japanese Style 日系
Korean Ulzzang Style 原宿风
European / American Style 欧美式
Hawaiian Flora Style 夏威夷风
Ancient Chinese Style 古装
Modern Chinese Style 中国风

Clothing Material Description

English Chinese Copy
Denim 牛仔
Canvas 帆布
Silk 丝绸
Fur / Fur-linen 毛绒
Real Leather 真皮
Faux / PU / Man-made Leather PU皮
Hemp / Flax / Linen 亚麻
Cotton 纯棉
Cow Leather 牛皮
Sheep Skin 羊皮
Wool 羊毛

Clothing Properties Description

English Chinese Copy
Added Fur / Fur Linen 加绒
Thin / Light Material 薄款
Sun Protection 防晒
UV Protection 防UV
Added Thickness 加厚
Breathable Material 透气
Big Size / Extra Large Size 大码
Easy to Mix and Match with other clothes 百搭

Clothing Design Description

English Chinese Copy
V-Neck V领
Round Neck 圆领
Turtleneck 高领
Collared 领子
Collar-less 无领
Spaghetti Strap 吊带
Backless 露背
Stripes 条纹
Leopard Prints 豹纹
Floral Prints 花纹
Polka Dots 波点

Shoes Description

English Chinese Copy
Flat 平底
Low Heel 低跟
Mid Heel 中跟
High Heel 高跟
Sharp-headed 尖头