Translates your English to Chinese for Taobao

Now that you have learnt how to buy from Taobao, it's time for a shopping spree! Below is a list of items you can buy cheaply from Taobao, as compared to your own country :

Buyable items

These items can be shipped by air or by sea from Taobao :

Category Description
Clothes All manner of clothings, from hats to shoes
Mobile Devices Accessories Phone cases, screen protectors, straps, iRings, headphones, cables etc
Cheap Jewellery and Accessories Bracelets, necklaces, hair accessories etc
Stationery and Art materials Pens, pencils, erasers, Post-it notes etc
Toys Figurines, soft toys, plushies, cushions, stickers etc
Books Picture books, chinese story books, comics, notebooks etc
Computer Accessories and Parts SSDs, GPUs, mouse, keyboard etc
General use Cups, combs, bags, wallets, water bottles etc

Many people buy products from Taobao, and created businesses reselling these products on an online store, or a physical shop. These online shops include blogshops, Qoo10, Shopee, Lazada, and many others.

Important : Please DO NOT attempt to ship bluetooth accessories, wireless accessories such as wireless headsets, power banks, and magnets by air. These are prohibited to be shipped via air due to safety regulations, and will be rejected by the Taobao forwarder if you attempt to ship them by air. However, these items can be shipped by sea. Sea shipping can take up to 3 weeks, compared to 5 days to 7 days for air shipping. Sea shipping also incurs a compulsory tax, unlike air shipping, which only incurs tax after hitting a certain price limit.

There is a limit on the size and weight of Taobao forwarders, 1m by 1m by 1m and 30kg.

Items such as CDs, DVDs, tapes and CD/DVD players are considered prohibited items, and cannot be shipped by air or sea.

Prohibited Export items

Below is a list of items that cannot be shipped from Taobao, due to China's export regulations :

Category Example of Items
Poisonous and Biohazard Goods Pathogens, Medical wastes, Fertilizer, Insecticide, Pesticide, DDT, Tear Gas, Goods in the form of white crystals, Goods in the form of powder, Goods in the form of liquid or paste etc
Drugs, Anesthetic and Hallucinogens Illegal drugs : such as Heroin, Marijuana, Ecstasy, Cocaine etc
Opium, including all parts of the plant
Antiques, Artifacts and Weapons Antiques and Ancient Artifacts : coins, bank notes etc
Certificates : such as Identity Certificates, Identity Cards, Work Permits etc
Weapons : such as bombs, guns, swords, knives, spears etc
Imitation Weapons : such as toy guns, toy bombs etc
Goods with ability to compromise China's politics, security, finances and morals CDs, tapes, DVDs, records, CD-players, DVD-players, tape-players etc
Goods that can hinder public safety and hygiene Cadavars, carcasses, coffins, untreated animal leather, untreated animal bones, soil, animal and plant pathogens and poisons
Organic Animal and plant or parts Goods Animal and animal parts : such as live animals, rhinoceros horns, elephant tusks, tiger hides, furs, musk etc
Plant and plant parts : such as live plants, peat, moss, charcoal, seeds etc
Rocks and Minerals : such as Quartz, Pyrite etc
Explosive, dangerous and radioactive Goods Detonators, explosives, gunpowder, fuse, nuclear-powered goods etc
Medical and chemical waste Goods Needles, syringes etc
Gaseous Goods Dry ice, fire extinguisher, AED equipment, inert gas, UV/LED lights etc
Flammable and explosive Goods Flammable Liquids : such as printing ink, nail polish, diesel, gasoline, goods containing ethanol, Turpentine, glue, perfume, air freshener, cosmestics etc
Explosive Goods : such as firecrackers, fireworks, dry ice, lighters, stoves, firearms etc
Flammable Goods : such as coal, rosin, matches, paraffin wax, activated carbon, castor bean goods, candles etc
Chemicals, Laboratory and Medical Goods Sulfuric acid, blood plasma, raw plasma, vaccines etc
Oxidizing agents Hydrogen peroxide, sodium peroxide, calcium hypochlorite, potassium chlorate, unknown chemical compounds etc
Currency Currency of any sort, including coins, bank notes etc
Food from animal and plant origins Honey, eggs, wine, spirits, sugar etc
Commodities Corn, rice, coal, cotton, petroleum, wheat, maize, corn powder, wheat powder, Tin and tin-derived goods, tunsten and tunsten-derived goods, zinc and zinc-derived goods, rare minerals etc
Controlled goods Citric acid, Chinese liquorice and Chinese liquorice derived products, vehicles, Vitamin C etc
Precious metals and other valuable goods Gold, silver, platinum, gemstones, pearls, elephant tusks etc
Wireless transmitter goods Radars, radio receivers etc
Batteries Alkaline batteries, rechargable batteries etc
Liquids Alcohol, lotions, eye drops, insect repellent, thermometers, liquid cooling bag, liquids of unknown components etc
Meats All frozen and fresh meats, including frozen chicken, fresh chicken, frozen fish, fresh fish etc
Cigarettes Cigarettes and other tobacco goods
Electronic equipment Electronic equipment : such as pulse-monitor equipment, heart-rate monitor equipment etc
Raw metals Raw metals : such as copper, aluminium, steel etc
Food All food and beverage products
Medicine All medicine products

Sea-Only Export items

Below is a list of items that can only be shipped from Taobao by sea, due to concerns of explosions or might cause problems on planes:

Category Example of Items
Items which contain Lithium/Lithium-ion battery Electronic items like power banks, laptops, cameras
Magnets/Items containing magnets Fridge magnets, magnet bars etc

Prohibited items for Exporting based on Countries' Laws

Below is a list of items are prohibited for export due to each country's laws:

Country Type of Items
Singapore Chewing gum
Malaysia Pens, pencils which look like syringes
Clothes/cloths with 'Quran' printed